I booked a tour in January for Spain named "Spanish wonder" which will start on June 5th this year.I got a single deal and was sure that it means that I will not have anybody to share room with me.

Couple of days ago when I received my travel package I found out that I have a twin share room and it was only limited rooms availability for people who travel along to get a room without twin share. I was very disappointed because in the brochure it does not say anything about limited room availability without twin share under single deal. My travel agent also had no idea about it. Now I have only couple of weeks left and I can not change anything.

I hope that in future if you make such deals you should also add another sentence about limited room availability for single people. This way people will know right away that it means that they have to share room with somebody. You should not even offer this deal because it is deceiving and I would rather pay for single supplement then expect a discount for it.

I will attach couple of pictures from the brochure to prove what I meant.Thank you, Linda Bochkis.

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This is not the fault of Trafalgar as it is clearly defined in their books but the fault of your travel agent for not understanding what he/she is selling you. I have had a "roommate" 3/4 times I have chosen to take this singles option and have had great experiences each time.

I recently visited my last "roommate" at her home in England and hope to host her here in the U.S. soon. Give it a chance.

Unless you are a very private person you may find this relationship adds to your vacation. It has mine!


when you book your trip you either pay the single supplement or you might have a roommate may be you should have clarified this with your agent


I booked with Trafalgar via Costco and Costco was explicit in stating that there are 2 solo traveler options: single supplement (pay several hundreds dollars extra) or twin-share (take chance that you will/will not have a stranger as a roommate). On the trip I just returned from (Best of Canada West), there were 2 solo travelers who paid the single supplement and got rooms to themselves.

I paid twin-share and didn't share a room because there were no other solo travelers. It's a gamble taking the twin-share but sometimes it pays off and only works if you're a flexible, easy-going person.

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